About Me

I am Ruby. I banter here about mini and not-so-mini epiphanies I have as I slog about in the flotsam of infertility and trauma (and infertility trauma).  I have worn many hats—Ph.D. scientist, high school chemistry teacher, human eye and tissue recovery technician, and crisis-suicide chat specialist. New mind-walloping insights are compelling to me—you know, the ones that blind side your belief system and that change how you see something, or, how you see everything in a new light.  These moments of clarity and relief propel me forward.  Sometimes these moments happened because I got knocked off course, because I didn’t get something I wanted, because of trauma (these were not usually pleasant, needless to say), because I got asked the right question, because of something I read or was told, because they percolated up in a dream or day dream, or because I simply heard what was coming out of my own mouth.  Regardless, many of these realizations have changed my life for the better, and I share them here because some of them might change yours.